New logistics solution in the warehouse of AS-PL


Responding to the constantly growing requirements and needs of our customers, the Company Management decided to build a modern automatic transport system in the warehouse of AS-PL located in Gdańsk. The construction of the 550-meter-long system began in mid-February and lasted one and a half months.

The transport system consists of various types of roller conveyors and a control system. Thanks to this solution, internal transport in the warehouse will be automated. This investment will result in a significant acceleration of time of picking and order processing, enable the decrease in the number of errors in the picking process as well as the reduction of the amount of physical work for operators.

In the new system, an employee takes products from the shelf and places them in a suitable container, which, after completing the order, is put on the automatic line, and then transports it to the packing station. The operator assigned to a given position verifies the correctness of completion and packs the products. The picking process with the new system is definitely shorter, which will also be felt by our customers.


"At AS-PL, we focus on development, which is why we have been discussing the decision on a new investment and expansion of the warehouse with the Management Board for several months." - informs Sebastian Wencel, Director of Logistics at AS-PL.Many issues required careful thought and planning, but in the end, we are very pleased with the effect. We will fulfill orders faster and operators will do less of the physical work. Together with the Management Board, we are already working on further improvements to the warehouse infrastructure." - says Sebastian Wencel.



At the same time, the Italian branch of AS-PL in Moncalieri is also carrying out a major reconstruction of the warehouse section. Completion of works is scheduled for the turn of May and June.